Real Estate Matters other than Evictions


real estate disputes

Our firm prides itself on the numerous real estate matters in which we have successfully represented our clients.  We have experience with cases involving purchasers, sellers, realtors, neighbors, family members, homeowners and contractors. We have handled cases involving quiet title and partition action; adverse possession claims; equitable issues such as constructive trusts; nuisance claims between neighbors; disputes between contractors, subsidiaries and owners; and multiple issues regarding the scope and revocability of easements. Whether your case involves an eviction, a seller's failure to disclose a known issue, a nuisance created by a neighbor or dispute about your property line or boundary fence,  potential or actual loss of views, water damage, a change of heart by a party to a contract, or another change in circumstances, we will assist you to resolve it both ethically and efficiently.  We have successfully resolved many matters before litigation is ever filed, either through negotiations or mediation, but we are willing to see a matter though trial if necessary.

Other Real Estate Matters

Our real estate group is happy to help create numerous types of real estate agreements and give advice on the same.  We can help create or review the agreements you need to purchase or lease property, help with the separation of joint property owners, or deal with documents regarding property boundaries and permissions, including easements and prescriptive easements.  We also have experience with the real estate issues that arise in family law matters and can assist in agreements regarding splits of marital property. Finally, we can help with transferring real property to or from revocable trusts.  Please call us to set up an appointment to discuss your individual needs.

Billing Rates and Fees

We provide limited flat or set-fee representation in eviction matters. For other real estate matters, we charge a traditional hourly fee. As each case is different, we are happy to discuss the potential costs of a matter with you when you contact us directly.