Landlord-Tenant Matters


Evictions (unlawful detainers)

In California, evictions are called unlawful detainers. We have many years of experience helping both residential and commercial landlords with the technical process required to successfully remove a tenant from a property. We also help commercial tenants who are facing eviction of their businesses, sometimes from premises they have occupied for decades. Call us to discuss your particular matter as each eviction has its own set of challenges.

Other landlord-tenant matters

Eviction is not the only time a landlord or tenant may need legal advice. Especially in commercial settings, lease agreements may be unclear or unexpected circumstances may require a renegotiation of terms. We have helped clients in situations where landlords have refused to pay for build-outs, where tenants were not making required repairs, and where the parties needed assistance to simply renegotiate their deal due to the passage of time. We will try to resolve all such disputes long before any court involvement is required.

Billing Rates and Fees

We provide limited flat-fee representation in eviction matters. For other real estate matters, we charge a traditional hourly fee. As each case is different, we are happy to discuss the potential costs of a matter with you when you contact us directly.