Second Amendment Issues

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Industry Specific Representation from a Member of the Industry

Lara is a Second Amendment advocate with a deep understanding of the issues surrounding this incredibly complex and dynamic area of the law.  She has assisted businesses who need representation because of the exercise of their Second Amendment rights.  She also assists with regulatory compliance and employee training for businesses that must navigate the complex web of California and Federal Regulations in this area.

Further, although we do not provide criminal representation with regard to firearms issues, we do understand the unique challenges facing firearms owners when involved in restraining order matters and custody disputes. We are happy to assist gun owners who are facing a restraining order being brought against them, and can help gun owners retain custody of their children in courts that are less than friendly to Second Amendment rights. Finally, we can help gun owners who are facing a removal of their guns under California's new "Red Flag" gun laws.

Lara recognizes the need to stay up to date on the rapidly changing legal landscape regarding firearms law and can advise on the multiple new laws and regulations impacting all those in the industry. She also speaks on these issues to business groups and clubs.

Lara Cullinane Smith's Involvement in the Shooting Industry

Lara is an accomplished competitive shooter, Certified Firearms Instructor and Second Amendment advocate.  As part of the DC Project, she is one of fifty women from fifty states to bring a different, non-partisan face of the firearms industry to Washington D.C. each summer, where she meets with our law makers to discuss Second Amendment issues.  She is also an officer of, and the national spokesperson for, the Liberal Gun Club, a national organization which seeks to ensure an educated, liberal voice in debates on gun control and the Second Amendment.  She has spoken out in the press repeatedly on the issues facing both the firearms industry and firearms owners, and challenged Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom to a debate on Proposition 63 - a offer which was declined.  She founded the Bay Area Chapter of A Girl and A Gun, a national women's shooting organization for women, by women, and participates in numerous industry events, including SHOT show and other NSSF-sponsored events. She has also participated on panels at numerous state and national industry conferences including the California Gun Laws conference held in Del Mar each spring and at Gun Rights Policy Conference sponsored by the 2nd Amendment Foundation where she received the Defender of Liberty Award in 2018.